Chamnaka is a village in the ( North West Frontier Provence N.W.F.P) of Pakistan. It is part of Mojohan Union Council and is located in an area Ninlan valley. It is located on Lora Road In District Abbottabad . The views in this area are quite scenic due to the topography of the land. It is also call the heart of Neelan or Ninlan valley, known locally as the 'Queen of beautiful valleys,Along this valley runs the Neelan stream,the origins of this stream are in the Nara Hills through which the streams seems to have cut the valley over time.The main Area Of Ninlan Valley is "Chamnaka" the Home Of One Of famous Pashtun trib calls Jadoon .The people of this tribe call themselves jadoons, but Eastern Afghans who change the letter S`h into K`h and "j" into "G" style call them Gadoons as the letter J and G are interchangeable in the Pushto language, just as jillani and Gillani are synonyms. The Jadoons were freedom fighters and they showed bravery against their rivals, especially the Sikhs and the British with other prominent Pashtun tribes of the region like the Swati, Tareens Khaji khail and Shilmani. Their leader Sakhi Jan Jadoon had been martyred during the freedom efforts against the Sikhs in the 19th century.

"Chamnaka" the Home Of One Of famous trib calls "Jadoon".
The people of Chamnaka "Jadoon" are noted for their friendliness and hospitality. Other Areas are Hajia , Chandomaira , Chari , Karach , Somwala , Rayala , Korni , Bodla , Chapri and so many other small villages. Local Languages are Hindko ( in jadoon areas)and puthwari ( in karlal areas).


Tent Pegging and volleyball, The most popular and favourite games are being played in "Chamnaka".

Tent Pegging :-Tent Pegging is a popular equestrian sport in Chamnaka. It is a warrior game which is believed to have its origins since 4th century BC in Asia.

A rider carrying a lance on a galloping horse attempts to pull out a grounded wooden peg. If he successfully carries that peg beyond a 10 feet line from the point of strike, he gets 4 points and moves to the round of finalists. If the peg drops before crossing 10 feet line, the tent pegger gets 2 points and another chance to strike. But if he fails to pull out the peg, he drops from the game.

In Pakistan, tent pegging is more of an exhibition than a game. Well bred horses are brought to the playground with a profound sense of pride. Tent peggers wear colorful turbans. Their arrival in the arena is marked with great pomp and show. Drums, trumpets and flutes are palyed when they enter the field.

Group competitions also take place. Sections of four and sometimes eight tent peggers attempt to pull the pegs simaltaneously.

Among all the folk sports, the most thrilling and most adventurous is Tent Pegging because it is full of thrill . Tent Pegging is played in team as well as single. It is one of the most popular equestrian sports and is particularly popular in the village of Chmnaka .


The Jadoons ( Pashto,Hindko : ہندکو ، جدون ) are an acknowledged Pashtun tribe located in the South of the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan , partly in District Abbottabad and Haripur of Sarhad, Pakistan. Their language is Pashto in Swabi and mostly Hindko in Abbottabad 
Jadoon is a tribe they are very patriotic by nature and they sacrifice their lives for the sake of their beloved country.They live in the districts of Abbottabad and Swabi of N.W.F.P of Pakistan. Their spoken language is Pashto in Swabi and mostly Hindko in Abbottabad. Jadoons were freedom fighters and they showed bravery against their rivals, especially the Sikhs and the British with other prominent Pashtun tribes of the region like Swati, Tareens and Mashwanis. Jadoons captured lower hazara (Haripur,Abbottabad) in 18th century and settled there.